Magically make your github green, with daily, automated

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How does it work?

After setup, Git Gardener creates a new github repository for you

Git Gardener commits several times a day to the new github repository

Watch your github commit history magically turn green over the span of a year

Everything is performed through GitHub's official API, without violating and exploiting git


Automated Commits
Watch your github contribution history turn green with daily, automated commits

Automated Pull Requests, Code Reviews, Issues
Watch your activity overview magically turn into a polygon with daily, automated pull requests, code reviews and issues

Go Incognito
Use a private repo and have a green github contribution history without showing your commits


Open Source
While building Git Gardener, I found that I needed full read and write access to the user's repos. In order to create a sense of security and show my pure intentions, I decided to open source it

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Built in the open
I am transparent and write about everything regarding Git Gardener. You can read the whole story, from idea inception - to my first sale - to today

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Enjoy at the price of two cups of coffee per month ☕️

You can use it for free by self hosting the open source code, or let me handle the hosting for you!



Self Hosted

  • Multiple commits per day

  • Works with a public repository only

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  • Multiple commits per day

  • Works with a public or private repository





  • All features from Stealth

  • Plus pull requests, code reviews & issues